Pastors Corner 4/20/14


I’ve been thinking … some of the most important
words spoken through history occurred during what
we call Holy Week. Perhaps the three most important
are these:
• In the Garden … “Not my will, but Thine …” Jesus
was aligning His will with the Father’s will.
• On the Cross … “It is Finished” God’s plan of
salvation was completed with the sacrifice of Jesus
atoning for the sins of the world.
• At the Tomb … “He is not here, He is Risen.” The
Resurrection not only guaranteed Christ’s victory,
but OURS as well!
As we submit to the Father’s will, Christ’s atoning
sacrifice secures our ultimate victory! Our victory is
always found in Christ and never in ourselves. Those
who are truly wise acknowledge this truth and place
their trust is God, yielding to His will.
o God, help me to trust you more and more!

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